About Us


Foxglove Connect Headquartered in Gurugram, was formed as squad of extremely Zealous Developers, Mobile Media Enthusiasts, & Digital Marketing experts who are experienced in delivering Applications & Marketing Campaigns on the Mobile & digital cosmos from scratch, fabricating perpetual Traffic & User Engagement through Creative Design & Content Marketing & Social Media Management.

It is founded to help StartUps & firms - Small, Medium & Large and leverage the immense power of Digital Marketing & Technology to amplify Consumer Awareness, Market research/survey & most importantly, Revenue.

All great ideas are born out of desperation. We were desperate!.?

Our Core Values

  • Quality - To provide quality IT services and products to all our clients.!.
  • Honesty - To be honest and transparent in all our dealings with all stakeholders.!.
  • Value - To provide value for money services ensure customer satisfaction at all times..!.
  • Innovation - Strive for innovation at each stage of the business..!.
  • Customer Service - World class customer service provide your all trusted and fast service to support..!.
  • All great ideas are born out of desperation. We were desperate!.